Inanda valley with Alfie Cox


We had the privilege to ride with a living legend in Inanda valley over the weekend in March. 9 times Roof winner, Dakar contender and family man Alfie Cox gave us very valuable advise on our journey to the Roof. 

We didn’t start the ride off the way we envisioned. Tim’s new 2009 KTM 250 6 days had just come back from the mechanic and they forgot to run the motor for the chain tensioner to fully get tension on the drive chain (thats the most I got from it). So Alfie offered me his 2014 KTM 250 4 stroke.

We headed down into the valley with our spirits a bit low since we started the ride with a small hick up and our mate broke his leg the last time we took on Inanda. But to get to ride with the legend made it allot better and were eager to see what Inanda for Alfie and his crew of KTM enthusiasts had to offer.

The first sandy hill was long and dusty. From a distance I could just imagine a line of dust flowing up this 70 degree hill. As we made it to the tippy top with a few high sides and unexpected wheelie flips Alfie notice that me and Nic had a few bad riding habits. Like two primary school kids in front of there head master the legend gave us a tongue lashing. Turns out we needed to be closer to our tanks and better at clutch control but once we mastered that there was no stopping us.

After a good 4-5 hours of rutted hills and low hanging bush we headed home through a flat, forresty section, loaded the bikes took off the sweaty kit and headed to pot and kettle for a beer and the rugby.

The fuel injected 2014 KTM 250 4 stroke was a dream to ride. Felt like I was a pro with the great bottom end torque and being fuel injection the response was amazing felt very light compared to my 2009 KTM 250 4 stoke 6 days but I think Nic is doing the right thing on the KTM 300 2 stroke so I am in the process of moving over to a lighter and more engine friendly bike 🙂

Look forward to the next ride with Alfie. Hopefully we would have improved our skills and could keep up with the pack.

Look out for the full story in episode 3 on our Journey to the Roof brought to you by 2 Wheels and Supersport coming end of April

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